Guest Posts

A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry is now looking for guest posts! In particular, I am interested in running guest posts where researchers in the fields of History, Classics or Archaeology share a bit about the exciting research projects they are engaged with. At this time, I am keeping guest posts down to writers active in one of these academic fields (though that can mean individuals in any career stage, including graduate students, early career academics, and independent researchers with academic credentials). The research in question does not need to be complete, I am happy to feature research in process or pre-publication (indeed, that is mostly what I expect to feature).

My hope in doing this is to use some part of this platform here to introduce a slice of the interested public to the wide range of interesting and useful work happening in the humanities. For now, while I know that many of my readers have expertise beyond the History-and-Classics-Adjacent space, I am mostly looking to keep posts limited to fields where I feel I have at least some competence to assess them.

My intended standard format here is the ‘Meet a Historian’ (or Classicist or Archaeologist, etc) post, where a researcher lays out their current research project and what makes it interesting in c. 1500-3000 words (length very flexible). I have put together a style guide for submissions in this google doc. I do not have a copy-editor and I expect my own editing here to be very light, so make sure that you have everything exactly as you want it before sending it in. Any editing changes will be run by the author before final posting (including the post title).

Guest post submissions should include both the draft (or a pitch) and a copy of your CV. Submissions (or questions about submissions) should be sent to: